Our World Has Changed

Our world changes constantly. The way we receive our news, shop, communicate, work, invest, and live is much different than it used to be. Technology has had a major impact in our daily lives and forced us to make changes without even realizing it.  In other areas, you have a choice and change is only brought about based on your conscious decision to do so. One of the biggest areas we see people fail to keep up with the times in is their approach to investing. Our financial industry continues to teach the same age-old methods that first originated over 60 years ago.  In reality, there are updated investing methods available based on factors that affect the stock market in the New Economy and did not exist when traditional methods were first introduced. The problem is most investors have never been told of these strategies and continue using the same outdated approaches simply because they don’t know any better.

The Stock Market has Changed

Traditional investing methods like Asset Allocation, Buy-and-Hold, and Diversification were founded over 60 years ago.  Before computers, the internet, index funds, terrorism, online trading, cell phones, retirement plans, low interest rates, and other factors affecting our daily markets even existed. Traditional concepts were based on historical long term data and assumed what had happened in the  past would continue into the future.  However, buy-and-hold investors saw firsthand the painful reality of relying on these methods when the stock market crashed 50% in 2001/2002 only to repeat itself again in 2008. The New Economy requires an updated investment approach designed to adapt and move as markets change while increasing areas of strength and decreasing areas of weakness. An approach flexible enough to protect during times of decline and grow during times of prosper.


Niccolo Machievelli


"The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience" - Albert Einstein

Enhanced investing and proper planning has been a personal passion long before we officially began our career in the spring of 1997.  Since the beginning we have witnessed the realities of the financial industry from the inside out, some good and some eye opening. We have had a front row seat to observe investor’s behavior, attitude, and actions during the bull run of the late 90’s, crash of 2001/2002, rebound from 2003-2007, second crash in 2008, and ongoing moves since. We have guided clients through all the transitions of life during both good times and bad. This involvement has allowed us to develop our own approach to planning and investing based on real world experience, not traditional teachings. We believe in being pro-active as our industry and economy changes and seizing opportunities when available for our client’s best interest. We treat our clients as family and hold the relationships we have with each of them to the highest standard. Every decisions we make is based on that responsibility, nothing else.

"Tell Me I Forget, Teach Me I Remember, Involve Me I Learn" - Benjamin Franklin

Before you can determine how to get to where you want to go you must first diagnose where you are and might end up if you continue doing what you are currently doing. We use this information as a starting point to build upon and enhance your probabilities of success through our interactive process allowing you to instantly see the impact of our recommendations on your situation in real-time comparisons. From there we are able to adjust options based on your preferences until we get to a plan you feel most comfortable with. This becomes our roadmap used to determine where we need to be each year into the future versus where we are at that time and what adjustments need to be made along the way.




"The Time to Repair the Roof is When the Sun is Shining" - John F. Kennedy

It has been said the average person spends more time researching the purchase of a new refrigerator than planning their financial future.  Just like going on a trip to somewhere you have never been, we believe you need a financial roadmap to ensure you are heading the right direction and understand when you get off track. We utilize an interactive planning process to establish the specific approach required to protect your family’s lifestyle and dreams, keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket, and leave a lasting legacy for others. Once established, we travel with you to monitor progress along the way and make adjustments as needed. We have helped others get where you are going and use this experience to enhance your journey as we walk with you every step of the way.

"The Future Ain't What It Used To Be" - Yogi Berra

We do not adhere to conventional investing methods. We do not believe the stock market requires the same traditional portfolio approach that was introduced over 60 years ago. We do not believe investors should buy and “hold” through a market sell-off, that asset allocation provides advantages as it once did, or that “diversification” is an efficient approach to risk management.  We DO believe a proper portfolio approach in  the New Economy is one with the ability to adapt as the market changes, to focus on areas showing strength, and eliminate those with weakness.  The factors that affect our markets today are much different than they used to be and your investment approach should be different as well. We prefer to apply strategies that use market volatility to our clients favor rather than fear it by adjusting to match the markets current environment and be conservative during times of decline while focusing on growth during times of prosper. Contact us to learn more.



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