The more you KNOW the more PREPARED you can be! With all of the challenges threatening to destroy your lifestyle in retirement, there has never been a
better time to get as much education as possible to help plan for an unknown future. Jason hosts ongoing workshops designed to provide important
information on updated strategies and concepts relevant to growing and protecting in this new economy. Much of the information covered will
most likely be brand new to you as it is not often discussed in mainstream and traditional channels. If you are open to learning something
new you just might hear something that could have a dramatic affect on your future planning.

Click the video(s) below to see a brief overview on two of our most popular sessions.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Security Benefits

One of the most important decisions during your retirement surrounds when and how to take Social Security. What you do in this area can affect your income, taxes, investments, and estate needs. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the regulations and what to consider when planning for this lifelong impact.

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Revolutionize Retirement!

Retirees are living in a New Economy requiring New Strategies to protect your lifestyle. This important workshop will cover new planning approaches and explain why traditional concepts that have been around for years may no longer be appropriate.

Click the Video to See the 5 MAJOR THINGS YOU WILL LEARN during this session!

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